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The Simon Chan Endowment Drive

Simon Chan Publications

Links for UC Davis papers lead to the pdf file.

  • Melters, D.P., Paliulis L.V., Korf I.F. and Chan, S.W.L.
    Holocentric chromosomes: convergent evolution, meiotic adaptations, and genomic analysis
    Chromosome Research, published online (2012) [review article]

  • Talbert, P., 40 middle authors listed alphabetically including Chan, S.W.L., and Henikoff, S.
    A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants
    Epigenetics and Chromatin, 5, 7 (2012)

  • Wijnker, E.*, van Dun, K*, de Snoo, C.B., Lelivelt, C.L., Keurentjes, J.J., Naharudin, N.S., Ravi, M., Chan, S.W., de Jong, H. and Dirks, R.
    Reverse breeding in Arabidopsis generates homozygous parental lines from a heterozygous plant
    Nature Genetics, 44, 467–470 (2012) (* equal contribution)

  • Seymour, D.K., Filiault, D., Henry, I.M., Monson-Miller, J., Ravi, M., Pang, A., Comai, L., Chan, S.W. and Maloof, J.N.
    Rapid creation of Arabidopsis doubled haploid lines for quantitative trait locus mapping
    PNAS, 109, 4227-4232 (2012)

  • Chan, S.W.L.
    In a battle between parental chromosomes, a failure to reload
    PNAS, 108, 13361-13362 (2011) [news and views article]

  • Ravi, M., Shibata, F., Ramahi, J.S., Nagaki, K., Chen, C., Murata, M. and Chan, S.W.L.
    Meiosis-specific loading of the centromere-specific histone CENH3 in Arabidopsis thaliana
    PLoS Genetics, 7, e1002121 (2011)

  • Marimuthu, M.P.A.*, Jolivet, S.*, Ravi, M.*, Pereira, L., Davda, J.N., Cromer, L., Wang, L., Nogué, F., Chan, S.W.L.#, Siddiqi, I.# and Mercier, R.#
    Synthetic clonal reproduction through seeds
    Science, 331, 876 (2011), also see the Supplementary Online Material (* equal contribution, # corresponding authors)

  • Chan, S.W.L.
    Chromosome engineering: power tools for plant genetics
    Trends in Biotechnology, 12, 605-10 (2010) [review article]

  • Ravi, M., Kwong, P.N., Menorca, R.M.G., Valencia, J.T., Ramahi, J.S., Stewart, J.L., Tran, R.K., Sundaresan, V., Comai, L. and Chan, S.W.L.
    The rapidly evolving centromere-specific histone has stringent functional requirements in Arabidopsis thaliana
    Genetics, 186, 461–471 (2010)

  • Ravi, M. and Chan, S.W.L.
    Haploid plants produced by centromere-mediated genome elimination
    Nature, 464, 615-618 (2010)

  • Chan, S.W.L.
    Inputs and outputs for chromatin-targeted RNAi
    Trends in Plant Sciences, 13, 383-9 (2008) [review article]

    Before UC Davis:

  • Greenberg, M.V.C., Ausin, I., Chan, S.W.L, Cokus, S.J., Cuperus, J.T., Feng, S., Law, J.A., Chu, C., Pellegrini, M., Carrington, J.C. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    Identification of genes required for de novo DNA methylation in Arabidopsis
    Epigenetics, 6, 344-355 (2011)

  • Henderson, I.R., Chan, S.R., Cao, X., Johnson, L. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    Accurate sodium bisulfite sequencing in plants
    Epigenetics, 5, 47-49 (2010)

  • Chan, S.W.L., Zhang, X.Y., Bernatavichute, Y.V. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    Two-step recruitment of RNA-directed DNA methylation to tandem repeats.
    PLoS Biology 4 No. 11 e363 (2006)

  • Peng P., Chan, S.W.L., Shah, G.A. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    Increased outcrossing in hothead mutants.
    Nature 443, E8 (2006)

  • Zhang, X.*, Yazaki, J.*, Sundaresan, A.*, Cokus, S.*, Chan, S.W.L., Chen, H., Henderson, I.R., Shinn, P., Pellegrini, M., Jacobsen, S.E., and Ecker, J.R.
    Genome-wide High-Resolution Mapping and Functional Analysis of DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis.
    Cell 126, 1189-1201 (2006) (* equal contribution)

  • Li, C.F., Pontes, O., El-Shami, M., Henderson, I.R., Bernatavichute, Y.V., Chan, S.W.L., Lagrange, T., Pikaard, C.S. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    An ARGONAUTE4-containing nuclear processing center co-localized with Cajal bodies in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Cell 126, 93-106 (2006)

  • Chan, S.W.L., Henderson, I.R., Zhang, X.Y., Chien, J.S.C., Shah, G. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    RNAi, DRD1 and Histone Methylation Actively Target Developmentally Important Non-CG DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis.
    PLoS Genetics 2, No. 6 e83 (2006)

  • Chan, S.W.L.*, Henderson, I.R.* and Jacobsen, S.E.
    Gardening the genome: DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 351-360 (2005) [review article] (* = equal contribution)

  • Mockler, T.C., Chan, S., Sundaresan A., Chen, H., Jacobsen S.E. and Ecker, J.R.
    Applications of DNA tiling arrays for whole-genome analysis.
    Genomics 85, 1-15 (2005) [review article]

  • Morris, K.V., Chan, S.W.L., Jacobsen, S.E. and Looney, D.J.
    siRNA-induced transcriptional gene silencing in human cells.
    Science 305, 1289-1292 (2004)

  • Chan, S.W.L., Zilberman D., Xie, Z., Johansen, L.K., Carrington, J.C. and Jacobsen, S.E.
    RNA silencing genes control de novo DNA methylation.
    Science 303, 1336 (2004)

  • Chan, S.R.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
    Telomeres and telomerase.
    Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 359, 109-121 (2004)

  • Chan, S.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
    Telomerase and ATM/Tel1p protect telomeres from non-homologous end-joining.
    Molecular Cell 11, 1379-1387 (2003)

  • Chan, S.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
    New ways not to make ends meet: telomerase, DNA damage proteins and heterochromatin.
    Oncogene 21, 553-563 (2002) [review article]

  • Chan, S.W.L., Chang, J., Prescott, J. and Blackburn, E.H.
    Altering telomere structure allows telomerase to act in yeast lacking ATM kinases.
    Current Biology 11, 1240-1250 (2001)

  • Blackburn, E.H., Chan, S., Chang, J., Fulton, T.B., Krauskopf, A., McEachern, M., Prescott, J., Roy, J., Smith, C. and Wang, H.
    Molecular manifestations and molecular determinants of telomere capping.
    Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, 65, 253-263 (2000)